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The Secret Behind The Eyes

Hey there. welcome to my art blog. This is gonna be my first blog ever! I wanna write about many different things here, from my ideas and philosophy of art to sharing anything that I might feel like is valuable to share with a wider audience.

To start, I really things it is more important to introduce my self better to you. My name is Niloufar Kiarostami...I am an intuitive artist and by that I mean I almost always create without having a clear intention or image in my mind. I just get lost in the present moment and let my hands and mind sync in the most peaceful and harmonic way. They all start from random initial lines and shapes that I draw letting the energy of the universe lead my hand. Then step by step, I see characters and stories that are lying behind those initial lines and keep going... Drawing the eyes, where I feel like there should be one, is the next step. There are always many eyes in my artworks. Each representing emotions, characters, moments and apart from that they have a deeper meaning which is inspired by this quote by my favoutite philospher Alan Watts and it says: “You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.”

The intangled characters show how interconnected we are all together and how beautifully and harmoniously we create one totality with the whole universe and cosmos. If you look in my art you will see that each eye has a different emotion just as we experience life in different ways and yet we all have effect on one another ,either we know it consciously or we don't know it. In order to recieve love, it's important to spread it. There is no reaction without an action. You get what you give.

The other important message is the balance and harmony between the light and dark and knowing that they are both important for existence. Many of us live most of our lives in fear, being terrified by the idea of the winning of the dark! But isn't it true that the day comes after night? Isn't it true that nothing exists if there is no counterpart to it! You can see beauty only if you have seen the ugliness! You can see the light if there is darkness and none would exist without the other.

I know this was a very philosphical post for the start of this blog but I believe that what can save us in the world we are living right now, bombarded by unwanted data coming from media each day, if we don't realize the deep and profound meaning to our existence we may loose the precious time we have for the things that doesn't really matters!

I, Niloufar Kiarostami or shall I say FreakLand Mamma,on this very date 15th Dec 2023, want to write it here to remain: I can be any one I want and I am able to manifest all my dreams. It just requires imagination, faith and action and I'm all in for that! and I know that you are too! Just believe in yourself and don't worry about how you are going to do it! Just do it and keep going.

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