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I started my NFT journey in December 2021. Since joining the NFT space, I have connected with amazing people and have sold more than 30 1/1 art pieces from my "Self-Expression Portraits" Collection on OpenSea and my other collections on KnownOrigin & WithFoundation.
I am honoured to have great art collectors holding several pieces of me in their virtual galleries, Such as Dear Amir Soleymani (Mondoir), The owner of Adelia Art Gallery in Liverpool.

Self-Expression Portraits Collection

A collection of unique portrait drawings that are driven by my ideas about life, manifested through my intuition and feelings. Each portrait is about the self, a self that is mistranslated, judged, and distorted by society and norms. Underneath this superficial self, there is another self which is always trying to heal the wounds of disconnection from its nature as a result of misinterpretations. I'm also trying to show that we are all one and connected... I use many eyes in my pieces to show the emotions & also hidden characters. There are many to explore and find out in each piece. Each piece for itself is a collection of characters, stories and expressions. Take time to see each one at different times and moods. You may find out sth new each time!

FreakLand Collection

I mint some of my most special pieces as 1/1s or editions in KnownOrigin. FreakLand is the collection I am minting on. It's the name of my imaginary world with it's hidden creatures, animals, plants and people... I explore my unconscious mind while creating each piece. I gotta say the process of creating each piece is a wonderful journey.
I'm happy to be selected to share my NFTs in this friendly platform.

RED Collection on Foundation

RED is a reminder for both men & women to embrace the different aspects of being a woman! The perfections & imperfections
A message for women to accept their flaws and love themselves & try to be the best version of themselves no matter what the society might dictate them.

As a woman myself, I hope that RED will be a reminder for men, to respect women, understand their vulnerabilities & emotions, & encourage them to flourish because in a world where women are happy everyone is gonna be happy!

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